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ZiboCastor No.3

   ZiboCastor No.3 is a middle late-maturing hybrid variety bred by Zibo Academy of Agricultural Sciences, using middle maturing female line, the capsules of which have no thorns, as female parent and using late-maturing disease-resistant self-bred line, which has big seeds and was bred from foreign germplasm, as male parent.
1. Yield: It was tested in the new castor variety contrast test of Shandong province in 1998, the yield was averagely 25.1 % higher than CK, which occupied the first place among all testing varieties. In the production experiment of Shandong province in 1999, its average yield was 4206kg/ha, which was 34.94 % higher than CK. In 1999, it was planted in a 2067.7m2 demonstration field in the experiment farm of Zibo Academy of Agricultural Sciences, the average yield was 4488.45kg/ha.
2. Characteristics: Its young stem is purplish red and the main stem is lilac. The plant is 200 cm high, which has 6-8 branches. One plant produces 7-8 fruit ears which look like pagodas. The main fruit ear is 55cm long. There are few thorns on the capsules. The seed is elliptical with brown-red stripes on its coat. The weight of 100 seeds is about 44g. The kernal rate (kernals /seeds ?ив100%)  is 76.4%. seed oil content is 49.57% and kernal oil content is 64.88%.
3. Key points of cultivation: It has many outstanding features such as high and stable yield, high quality, anti-disease, big fruit ear, big seed, vigorous growth and wide adaptability etc. It is suitable to be planted in such places where the frost-free period is above 125 days. The potential yield of one plant is above 1000g. In Shandong province, the suitable sowing time is between the last ten-day period of March and the first ten-day period of April. The row spacing is 100-110cm and the spacing in the rows is 70-80cm. Population of plants is 12000-15000/ha.