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ZiboCastor No.4

  ZiboCastor No.4 is a new hybrid variety with high yield, high quality, short stem and lots of fruit ears etc. bred by Zibo Academy of Agricultural Sciences, using C180 female line as female parent and S201 amphotericity line as male parent.
1. Yield: Ordinarily the yield is 4500kg/ha. Its yield can be above 6000kg/ha. by high-yield cultivation. The potential yield of one plant is 1000g. It was tested and demonstrated in different places of many provinces such as Shandong, Henan, Hebei, Hubei, Inner Mongolia, Ningxia, Xinjiang etc., the results indicated that it has a wide adaptability and an outstanding potential of increasing production.
2. Characteristics: Its stems and veins are red. In seedling stage, it grows slowly. After producing five leaves, it grows rapidly. The plant is 170cm high which has 5-6 branches. One plant can produce 8-10 fruit ears, the main fruit ear is 40-50cm long. There are thorns on the capsules. The seeds are brown. The weight of 100 seeds is 35 g. The kernal rate(kernals /seeds ?ив100%)  is 78%. The seed oil content is 51.68% and kernal oil content is 66.37%.
3. Key points of cultivation: It can be planted in such regions where the frost-free period is above 140 days. It begins to grow when the temperature is above 12??. Its sowing time should be 5-7 days later than that of other varieties. In Shandong province, the suitable sowing time is first ten-day period of April. The row spacing is 100-120cm and the spacing in the rows is 70-100cm. Population of plants is 9000-14250/ ha.