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ZiboCastor No.9

ZiboCastor No.9 is a middle early castor hybrid variety with big fruit ears bred by Zibo Academy of Agricultural Sciences. It was certified by the Crop Variety Approval Committee of Heilongjiang province in March 2013.
1. Yield: It was tested in the new castor variety regional trial of Heilongjiang province between 2010 and 2011, the results indicated that its average yield of two years was 4642.5kg/ha, which was 23.8% higher than CK. It was tested in the production test of Heilongjiang province in 2012, the yield was 4723.5kg/ha, which was 19.1% higher than CK.
2. Characteristics: For ZiboCastor No.9, it takes 117.4 days from seedlings emergence to the main fruit ears becoming ripe. Average plant height is 229.4cm. Average stem diameter is 3.4cm. It has the habit of indeterminate growth. Young stem color is light purple. The first fruit ear is produced on the 7th-10th node of the stem and there are wax powders on the stem. The fruit ears look like pagodas, there are thorns on the capsules and the capsules are not easy to crack. Panicle position of the first fruit ear on the stem is averagely 58.4cm from ground. Average ear length is 80.1cm, average number of capsule is 113.4, average number of branch is 3-5. Average length of ear on the first branch is 58.6cm and average number of capsule is 83.1. The seed is elliptical with chocolatebrown stripes on its coat. The weight of 100 seeds is 45.3g. Kernal rate (kernals /seeds ?ив100%) is 76.2% , seed oil content is 53.85%, crude protein content is 14.95%; crude fat content of kernal is 71.76%.
3. Key points of cultivation: It is suitable to be planted in such areas where the effective active accumulated temperature (?Y10??) is above 2300??. Sow the seeds directly when the ground temperature goes up again to about 5??. Make the final singling after plantlets producing 3-4 true leaves and only keep sound seedlings with consistent characters. Plastic Mulching Cultivation is suitable in the Northeast, Northwest and Xinjiang areas of China, it could be planted in equidistant row form, the row spacing is 1.1m; or in wide-narrow row form, the wide row spacing is 1.30m, the narrow one is 0.65m. Suitable planting density is 13500??18000/ha. In principle, a balanced fertilization of N??K??P is good for its growing. During the flowering season of main fruit ears, additional fertilizer in right amount shall be made according to the growing situation. Preventing weeds by sealing shall be carried out after planting and before the emergence. The plants need proper watering when it is dry.