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Zixuan 308


A Conventional Variety bred by Zibo Academy of Agricultural Sciences

1.Yield: Normally the yield is 150kg/667m2. Using high-yield cultivation techniques , its yield can reach up to more than 220 kg/667m2.

2.Characteristics: Its fertility period is 115 days. Its young stem is lilac, main stem is purplish red. The plant is 190cm high which has 6-8 branches. One plant can bear 6-7 cylindrical fruit ears which are 25-30 cm long. No thorns on the fruits shells. The shape of the seed is elliptic, there are some red stripes on the seed coat. Weight of 100 seeds is 44 g. Kernal rate ( kernal weight after removing seed coats) is 76% and oil content of seeds is 48.4%. It has strongly developed root system and has many outstanding features such as drought and barren resistance, salt-tolerance, but it waterlogging tolerant.

3. Key points of Cultivation: It begins to grow when the temperature is above 10??. In Shandong province, the suitable sowing time is between the last ten-day period of March and the first ten-day period of April. In order to obtain hundred-percent emergence of seedlings, there should be a sowing with enough moisture. If soil moisture is not enough, farmers can dig holes and pour some water in the holes then sow seeds. 3 seeds could be put in each hole . Seedling thinning should be made after seedling emergence is complete. When castor plants produce 4-5 true leaves, we should make the final singling. The row spacing is 100-110 cm, the spacing in the row is 60-80 cm, sowing density is 900-1000/ 667m2. It shall be planted sparsely on fertile fields and planted densely on dry and lean fields. In order to grow strong seedlings, during seedling stage the soil should be loosened frequently to heighten ground temperature. High-yield cultivation: make a deep ploughing before sowing, apply organic fertilizer 1000-2000kg and DAP 10-15kg per 667m2. During flowering &fruiting stage, an after manuring of urea (carbamide) 10-15kg/667m2 can help to grow big fruit ears. At later stages  ( in early Aug.), an after manuring of urea 5-10 kg can prevent presenility of plants. 40 days before frost fall , make a complete topping off and remove the ineffective flower buds which can help to grow fruit ears, increase seed weight, increase production and improve quality.