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Hongta No.2


An ideal variety bred by Zibo Academy of Agricultural Sciences.

1. Characteristics: It takes about 110 days from seedlings emergence to the fruit ears on the main stems becoming ripe. The plant is about 200 cm high.The stem diameter is about 2.32 cm. Stem color is purplish red.The main stem has 7-10 nodes with some wax powders on it . The fruit ears look like pagodas with moderate density of fruits on it. Fruits are red with thorns on the shells, which are not easy to crack. Main stem fruit ears: ear location is about 48.12cm high on the stem from ground. Fruit ear is 38-46 cm long and can equally bear 58 fruits. First branches: there are 4-5 first branches, average fruit ears?бе length is 42.2 cm and average fruits on the ears is 48. Second branches: average fruit ears?бе length is 30.6 cm, average fruits on the ears is 31. The seeds are ellipitical with some tan stripes on the seed coat. The weight of 100 seeds is 31g. Kernal rate ( kernal weight after removing seed coats) is 73.43% , kernel oil content is 65.41% and seed oil content is 48.03%. It is salt-tolerant and barrenness- tolerant. It has higher ornamental value.

2. Key points of Cultivation: can grow in all parts of the country where the nonfrost period is more than 125 days.

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